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prickly heat baby powder

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"The fallback of all this roaming around (in Summer) was the dreaded prickly heat. The only one time that she (her daughter) had got prickly heat was when she was a little baby and in North India. It reminded me of what had helped her then. At that time, I had switched to Himalaya products from another popular brand and used their prickly heat powder. It worked very well for her then and this time too." - Asawari from Shishu World

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Syeda Fatima

"Another product that will help your baby from Himalaya Baby Care! The heat is at peak and while we wait and pray for the monsoons to shed some rain, Himalaya brings a soothing product for your baby to battle the heat." - Syeda Fatima from Hyderabadi Mom

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"Even though the ingredients are all natural based, it cools very effectively, while retaining the softness and not harming my kiddo's skin! In-fact we've made it the powder for the entire family this summer. Now my li'l one runs around and plays and has fun without getting irritated by rashes and inflammation!"." - Avantika from Jill Of All Trades

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prickly heat baby powder

Ditch the itch

What it does:

Himalaya’s Prickly Heat Baby Powder provides relief from prickly heat and protects skin from infections. The ingredients work together to keep your baby’s skin cool.

Key ingredients:

  • Neem
    • Helps protect baby's skin from infections
    • Relieves itching and soothes baby's skin

  • Khus Grass
    • Helps manage excessive sweating due to its astringent property
    • Cools and refreshes baby's skin

  • Natural Zinc contains antiseptic properties and has traditionally been used as a wound healing agent.

Pack size:

50g and 100g.

Directions for use:

Sprinkle Prickly Heat Baby Powder liberally on baby’s skin after bathing, nappy change, and before bedtime.

Manufactured by:

The Himalaya Drug Company
Makali, Bengaluru - 562162

For Queries, contact:

Manager - Customer Care
The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali,
Bengaluru - 562162
Email: care@himalayawellness.com
Call 1-800-208-1930 (Toll-free in India)